The International Copper Association Moves to Broaden Applications for MicroGroove Technology at the China Refrigeration Expo in Shanghai

Large Commercial and Industrial Heat Exchangers, Refrigeration Systems in the Cold Chain, Heat Pumps and Natural Refrigerants Benefit from Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes

Shanghai, China (8 April 2013) — The International Copper Association is exhibiting MicroGroove Technology at the China Refrigeration Expo at the Shanghai New International Exposition Center, April 8-10 at the MicroGroove Booth, W3D55.

MicroGroove Takes Center Stage at the AHR Expo 2013 New Product & Technology Theater, Says International Copper Association

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Experts Share Know-How on the Design, Manufacture and Testing of Heat Exchanger Coils Made from Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes

New York, NY (October 31, 2012) —   The International Copper Association today announced that tube suppliers, equipment makers and heat-exchanger manufacturers will share their expertise on topics relating to smaller diameter copper tubes at the New Product & Technology Theater B of the AHR Expo 2013 in Dallas.

Researchers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Investigate Performance of ACR Coils of Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes under Wet Conditions, Says ICA

Air Flow around 5-mm Copper Tubes with Louver Fins Is Focus of New Research Presented at the Sixth Asian Conference on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ACRA) in Xi’an

Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes Spur New Research, Says ICA

Investigators Worldwide Look Closely at Round Tube, Plate Fin (RTPF) Coils and the Performance Potential of Copper in AC and Refrigeration Applications

New York, NY (September 12, 2012) — According to the International Copper Association, research presented this summer at international conferences on air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) points to a renewed interest in copper as a coil material for ACR products.

Manufacturers Use Familiar Equipment to Make Coils with Smaller-Diameter Round Copper Tubes, Says International Copper Association

MicroGroove Webinar Describes Successful Processes for Small Diameter Tubes

New York, NY (July 26, 2012) —The International Copper Association announced that recent studies conclusively demonstrate Microgroove copper tube technology is compatible with production methods and equipment already familiar to the HVAC industry.

New Simulations Compare MicroGroove Directly to Best-in-Class MicroChannel, Says International Copper Association

Research Surveys Design Space for RTPF Coils Made with Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes, with Goal to Match the Performance of the Best Aluminum MicroChannel Product

New York, NY (July 12, 2012) — The International Copper Association today announced a new research project that aims to raise the bar on coil design by comparing optimized round tube plate fin (RTPF) coils with smaller diameter copper tubes with the best aluminum coils in the marketplace.

New Research Demonstrates "Best Practices" for Coil Design with Smaller Diameter Copper Tubes, Says International Copper Association

Step-by-Step Procedure Applies to the Optimization of RTPF Coils with Smaller Tubes

New York, NY (July 9, 2012) —  The International Copper Association today announced new research results that describe the design and optimization of ACR coils made with MicroGroove technology.

Copper Helps Shanghai Bus Users Breathe Easy

New York, NY (July 4, 2012) — For Shanghai residents, public buses are the primary method of transportation.  The urban population spends around 8 percent of each day travelling by bus, which equates to around one-and-a-half hours daily.  To protect the health of these passengers, copper fin air conditioners have been deployed on the buses to rapidly and completely kill bacteria, viruses and fungi that can thrive on non-copper fins and circulate around the system.

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