MicroGroove Copper-Tube Coils: Moving Beyond Residential Applications

Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 1:00 pm ET.

Presented by THE NEWS and Appliance Design.
Speakers: John Hipchen, President, Exel Consulting Group; and Matt Holland, Vice President of Operations, Richmond Division of Super Radiator Coils
Moderator: Kyle Gargaro, Editor in Chief of the ACHR News

MicroGroove technology is here, and now it is being implemented in places that might surprise you.  Although developed initially for the residential market, MicroGroove smaller-diameter copper tubing is also being adopted in larger commercial and industrial applications. The International Copper Association is teaming up with Super Radiator Coils to present a new webinar focused on the use of MicroGroove technology in large coils under demanding conditions. Learn from a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers how smaller-diameter copper MicroGroove tubing can be applied to meet the challenges of efficiency, cost, space and weight.

  • View a live demonstration of coil ratings, using selection software from Super Radiators Coils
  • See side-by-side comparisons of coils constructed from traditional tubing versus coils using Microgroove technology
  • Observe how drop-in replacements can be designed to lower refrigerant charges and improve efficiency
  • Learn how MicroGroove technology allows manufactures to pack more heat-transfer power into spaces smaller than you might think possible
  • See why MicroGroove technology is an ideal choice for new high-pressure refrigerants

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