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MicroGroove Makes Heat Pumps Even Better

Coils made with MicroGroove technology improve the efficiency of heat pumps in a variety of ways. The smaller-diameter, inner-grooved copper tubes conduct heat better, shed water easily and require less refrigerant.

All this adds up to more efficient and more compact heat pumps.

Copper Fins on MicroGroove™ Copper Tubes: More Heat Transfer, Longer Lasting Performance

Copper metal as well as many copper alloys have remarkable antimicrobial properties. This phenomenon has implications not only for touch surfaces but also for HVAC components.

Copper HVAC components suppress the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that reduce system efficiency and cause product deterioration or foul odors. A US EPA "Treated Article Exemption" registration for copper alloys in HVAC applications was granted in September 2010.

All-copper heat exchangers offer

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