Manufacturers Use Familiar Equipment to Make Coils with Smaller-Diameter Round Copper Tubes, Says International Copper Association

MicroGroove Webinar Describes Successful Processes for Small Diameter Tubes

New York, NY (July 26, 2012) —The International Copper Association announced that recent studies conclusively demonstrate Microgroove copper tube technology is compatible with production methods and equipment already familiar to the HVAC industry.

A MicroGroove webinar presented in cooperation with Burr OAK Tool Inc. describes the manufacturing technology for making coils with MicroGroove smaller diameter tubes. The one hour webinar is now available for viewing online free of charge.

The basic processes for coil fabrication have been utilized in the industry for decades. Tubes are inserted, or laced, into the holes in a stack of precisely spaced fins. Specially designed expanders inserted into the tubes increase the tube diameters slightly until mechanical contact is achieved between the tubes and fins. The high ductility of copper allows this process to be performed accurately and precisely. Heat exchanger coils made in this manner have excellent durability and heat transfer properties.

Modern designs of the tube expansion equipment allow for tight tolerances and exact specifications using smaller diameter copper tubes. Otherwise the equipment and production lines closely resemble the existing equipment lines that have a long and successful history.

Tubes typically are expanded circumferentially, i.e., the circumference of the tube is increased without changing the length. Non-shrinkage expansion allows for better control of tube lengths in preparation for subsequent assembly operations.

"Manufacturing in general has become more precise and accurate and the equipment for working with smaller diameter tubes is no exception," says Nigel Cotton, MicroGroove Team Leader for the International Copper Association. "Manufacturers can quickly recoup the costs of equipment upgrades because the use of smaller diameter coils allows them to make better products with less material."

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