Copper Exhibit Highlights “All-Copper” Coils, MicroGroove Coils and Heat Pump Coils at the 2014 China Refrigeration Exposition, says International Copper Association

Many HVACR Applications in China Benefit from Efficient Heat Transfer through Smaller Diameter, Inner Grooved Copper Tubes

Beijing, China (April 9, 2014) – The International Copper Association returns this week to the China Refrigeration Expo to promote the use of MicroGroove technology in air-conditioners, refrigeration systems and heat pumps. In addition, the ICA will promote “all copper” coils as a means of improving the energy efficiency by inhibiting the grown of microorganisms on heat exchanger coils.

The ICA exhibit this year will be in Booth W1B45. It’s the fourth consecutive year that ICA will promote MicroGroove technology at the China Refrigeration Expo.  MicroGroove got its start in China when major Chinese OEMs began using smaller-diameter tubes for residential air conditioning applications, including window air-conditioners. These products are now widely available in the global marketplace. OEMS continue to advance the technology, employing MicroGroove tubes in heat pumps as well as refrigeration equipment; and using eco-friendly refrigerants in these systems.

The ICA exhibit will be divided into two sections, highlighting the following technologies: 1) MicroGroove in refrigeration equipment and residential AC products, and 2) the superior long-term performance of antimicrobial “all copper” coils.  Each of these application areas will be promoted under the ICA banner at the China Refrigeration Exposition this year in Beijing, emphasizing the many areas of market penetration for copper tubes.

Antimicrobial Properties
Coils made with copper fins and copper tubes offer extraordinary antimicrobial properties. These “all copper” coils prevent various bacteria and fungi from multiplying on coils, thereby inhibiting the buildup of biofilms. Coils stay cleaner for longer periods of time and consequently high levels of heat-transfer efficiency can be maintained for longer periods of time.

The MicroGroove Advantage
ICA continues to sponsor research on refrigeration equipment and air-conditioners at leading universities in China through an industry consortium. Technical papers coauthored by ICA technical staff will be presented at several international conferences this year. These researchers will be on hand at the ICA Booth W1B45 of the China Refrigeration Expo to answer any questions you may have about MicroGroove technology or antimicrobial copper coils. Additionally, new software developed for simulating the performance of coils in refrigeration equipment is now available from suppliers of MicroGroove tubes.

"China continues to pave the way in advancing the use of copper in HVACR applications,” said Nigel Cotton, MicroGroove Team Leader for ICA. "These advances are driven by fundamentals, including the capability of making smaller-diameter tubes from copper and copper’s inherent antimicrobial properties."

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