The MicroGroove Advantage: Achieving Higher Energy-Efficiency with Smaller-Diameter Copper Tubes

14 June 2011 14:00 Central European Summer Time (CEST=GMT+2)

Presented by the International Copper Association (ICA) and the European Copper Institute (ECI)
Speaker: John Hipchen, President, Exel Consulting Group
Moderator: Nigel Cotton, OEM Global Team Leader, International Copper Association

An updated version of the December 2010 MicroGroove Advantage webinar will be presented during the European working day. This webinar serves as an excellent introduction to the MicroGroove concept. John Hipchen will explain basic coil design principles for small tubes; and review familiar manufacturing and assembly techniques as well as recent laboratory research and OEM products. The presenter will also accept questions from the audience. Submit questions in advance when you register for this event.

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