‎3 - 5mm Microgroove Heat Exchangers in Frost-Developing Conditions

 Presented by Optimized Thermal Systems

Live Discussion, Tuesday, December 7, 2021‎

As HVAC&R system use continues to expand into low-temperature environments, designers ‎must balance the challenges of frost development with the ever-present demand for improved ‎system efficiency. As many products move towards smaller diameter tube heat exchangers to ‎realize performance gains and cost savings, there is concern that these more compact heat ‎exchangers experience the negative impacts of frost more severely. The application of coatings ‎is an area of active research that has shown the ability to reduce the negative impacts of frost, ‎even in heat exchangers with very small features. Join us in our live webinar to evaluate the ‎impacts of frost development on 3mm and 5mm copper tube-fin heat exchangers and how to ‎mitigate against them.‎

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